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Successful Brands Of The Future Care About People, Not Branding

I was in Hong Kong last week and chose the renowned RISE Conference 2017 to present my new talk “The future of branding is debranding”. Using the inspirational article Base strategist and researcher Jasmine De Bruycker published a couple of months ago as reference and integrating some of my 5–minute posters, I gave the audience a preview of what’s coming…

Watch the 17–min video right here:

“Brands in the streets. Brands on your screens. Brands in your fridge. Brands on your phone. Since time immemorial, branded content and stories have been trying the same thing: sell you stuff. But haven’t we reached saturation point? Aren’t we “stuffocated”? Traditionally, branding is based on the idea of what differentiates a company from competitors. But increasingly at the internet age, consumers are comfortable with the idea that everything is interconnected. So what distinguishes brands today is less important than what brings things and people together. The brand that screams the loudest no longer commands the most attention; the one that offers something genuinely useful does. Welcome to your debranded future!”