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 « L’auteur oulipien est un rat qui construit lui-même le labyrinthe dont il se propose de sortir. »

Raymond Queneau


Gaël Faure was born half Spanish, a quarter Russian and a quarter French, all combined under a Swiss passport. Let's say, to sum up the case, that he is a Swiss graphic designer and that he obtained a degree in visual communication at ECAL in 2009. After his studies he co-founded the studio Carnal Faure Verona with Yanis Carnal and Raphaël Verona and was a teacher at ECAL and EPFL. He loves animals, skiing, mountains, nature, wild swimming in the rivers and drinking wine. The guidelines of his practice are color combinations, illustrations, "non-boring typefaces" and choices based on "Dasein".

Like the rodent of Queneau, Gaël Faure evolves in a delirious maze, intermingled with letters and amazing images!

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