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Happiness is a decision

Tilda Swinton


Born in the Boston suburbs, Lara moved to Belgium at the age of seven with a sweet accent and the thought that she would one day return. She studied briefly at Nottingham Trent University before earning a masters degree in graphic design from Sint-Lucas Ghent, and joined Base Brussels in early 2011. A true designer, she sees graphic design in everything from shopping lists to the food on her plate. Only when watching a movie, her perfectionistic needs can be switched off for 120 minutes. Lara loves crazy cats, doodling, red wine, her daily newspaper, window-sunbeams, RISK game nights, film discussions, the smell of a freshly mown lawn and copied paper, Ricky Gervais’ quotes and Henry Rollins’ thoughts. She also takes care of the famed Base Thursday Lunches.

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