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Contemporary Aboriginal art in the heart of the Swiss Alps

Inaugurated in December 2018, the Opal Foundation offers a dialogue between people and cultures through art. With a collection of contemporary Aboriginal art of more than 600 pieces, it conveys universal messages through art exhibitions, conferences, workshops, and meetings. Our goal was to create an identity that reflects the values ​​of the Opal Foundation, and allows the public to discover a unique perspective on the world before even entering the exhibition center itself.

How to create a link between contemporary Aboriginal art and an exhibition center in the Swiss Alps? The new identity revisits graphic codes that have their source in Aboriginal art with a contemporary attitude.

Anthony Franklin, Partner & Design Director

We based this identity on the practices of contemporary Australian Aboriginal artists. They use cartographic elements, like their ancestors, to express their ongoing connections to the environment, without breaking with the past.

Séverine Malant, Copywriter & Strategist

We created a contemporary custom typeface, "Booma", comprised of many symbols from Aboriginal art. These universal graphic codes make it possible to create a unique language and to express an affirmed vision of the world.

The typeface and symbols are used for external and internal signage throughout the exhibition center and for all communication supports as well as the website. The communication tools become white canvases that make it possible to tell stories with a committed point of view.

For the launch of the Foundation, the center presents the world’s first retrospective of Yann Arthus-Bertrand. All of the artist's work shows the impact of man on the Earth to highlight its sometimes negative but often hopeful aspect.

Anthony Franklin, Partner & Design Director