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Children posing next to blocks of colours in a studio

Unpacking Happiness!

Founded in 2016, Kidbox is a convenient, subscription-based shopping service that provides parents and kids the opportunity to discover new styles together, while saving time in their busy lives. And by giving back through KIDS/Fashion Delivers, Kidbox allows parents and children to bond over the joys of community giving.

From the outset, we focused on developing a brand strategy, identity, website design, and unpacking experience that evokes happiness and begs for interaction with children and moms alike.

The typography logo designed for Kidbox

Kidbox is a subscription-based service that provides personally curated boxes of children's clothing from a wide range of great brands. Using proprietary machine learning technology, Kidbox customizes and styles outfits according to a child's individual tastes.

Geoff Cook, Partner
A visual designed for Kidbox communication campaign

Our launch campaign is playful and fun! We translated the visual identity into 3D, as a vibrant stage on which kids could explore and play. By portraying each look simply and directly in an over-the-top environment, the campaign speaks to both parents and children.

Daniel Peterson, Creative Director
Opened magazines with Kidbox communication campaign

The excitement of the Kidbox experience comes from shopping, receiving, and opening the box together. Our tagline, “Unpacking Happiness”, celebrates this shared moment of discovery, an emotional connection between parent and child.

Min Lew, Partner

We created an identity that speaks in a way that both kids and parents can relate to, exploring both fashion and play. We chose to embrace the box as a symbol, using it as our core graphic motif. A sense of energy and fun was added through vibrant colors and bold graphic patterns that come to life across all touchpoints.

Daniel Peterson, Creative Director
Different 3D illustrations representing a childish universe

From paper illustrations to a comprehensive library of symbols and icons, the Kidbox graphic language creates consistency across a broad range of platforms, allowing for an exciting flexibility in the future development of the brand.

Illustrations designed for Kidbox marketing campaign.
A pile of boxes designed for Kidbox

We designed the box to encourage kids to color it in, and provided them stickers to enhance their artwork. This, along with an explosion of color and clothing inside the box, provides an unboxing experience that is fun for the entire family!

The packaging made for Kidbox
A set of different branded materials designed for Kidbox identity and communication