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Large  "Together" signage designed for the city of Liege place branding

Branding a city is bringing people together

City branding is the next big thing. Cities are increasingly adopting their own logos and slogans. Liège, in eastern Belgium, was next up, wanting to attract more inhabitants, students, investors, and visitors. How to make that happen? Simple! Bring people together. This led to our concept, "Liège Together”, a collection of actions with one objective: to improve the perception of the city. Liège now has a new dynamic signature, which brings people together to make big things happen...which is exactly what place branding should do!

Grid system designed for Liege Together logotype

The concept? A big L and a big T that work as brackets.

List of adjectives to qualify the city of Liege

A dynamic symbol that opens and closes in function of the content, text or image.

Logo designed for Liege Together animated with adjectives to qualify it
City pass designed for Liege Together

The four colors are used freely to adapt to every application.

Quote from Director of Strategy Jean-Christophe Peterkenne on the new perception of the city of Liege
On the set of the shooting for the Liege Together campaign

Our “Liège Together” mega sign was installed in front of the famous Liège-Guillemins train station (designed by renowned architect Santiago Calatrava) to welcome every visitor and traveler.

Erwin De Muer, Designer
Men pausing in front of the Liege Together signage
A dad and his daughter playing on the Liege Together signage infrastructure

Welcome to the picture zone!

Erwin De Muer, Designer

In collaboration with the LT team, event firm Cecoforma, and audiovisual producers Kaos Films, we launched the interactive ‘supporter campaign’. Everyone could create their own message and share their love for Liège to the city and the world.

Thierry Brunfaut, Creative Director & Partner

Borrowing famous catchlines from others cities … When you’re a supporter, you don’t count!

Thierry Brunfaut, Creative Director & Partner

So simple, you can do it with your bare hands!