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The Prince Estate, branding the legacy of a music icon

The Prince Estate celebrates the life and music of Prince and works to safeguard his unique, artistic vision. With the aim of furthering his legacy, we were tasked with branding the Estate and developing a rich, digital experience to drive visibility for potential partnerships and to further engage past, present and future fans.

Paying homage to the many facets of Prince and his work, we created a diverse ecosystem of micro sites and digital tools, all accessible from a central hub. These ranged from an immersive annotated discography to a website exploring his early years, to a tool allowing fans to generate their own content expressing what Prince means to them.

With the sites dropping one by one at key moments - retaining an element of surprise helped us create momentum and buzz, while still ensuring the websites served their initial purpose of safeguarding Prince’s artistic vision and remaining culturally relevant. By having the sites ladder up to a central hub, the platform remains lean, easily adaptable to future technologies, trends, and an unlimited amount of soon-to-be-released content.

This project received several nominations and awards including 3 features in Siteinspire, 3 CSS Design Awards, 2 Awwwards, one Webby nomination and one FWA.