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I believe in miracles!


Dimitri is Base’s CEO & Founding Partner, and develops new ventures for Base. Since 2011, his central role embraces something he has always done intuitively: exploring new territories, developing raw ideas, encouraging initiative and triggering self-initiated Base projects, all this to push the Base Brand and studios forward. Having co-founded Base in 1993, Dimitri has passed through all the stages a founding partner should. He studied graphic design at “La Cambre”, school of visual arts and started as a designer but then quickly moved on to art direction. He developed image campaigns for fashion brands including Women’secret, Loewe, Delvaux, and Wrangler, collaborating closely with photographers like Serge Leblon, David Armstrong,, Magnus Unnar,and Daniel Jackson, among others. He co-developed BEople, Base’s magazine about a certain Belgium! In 2001 Dimitri moved with his family to New York, where he became the studio’s creative director. He spearheaded a string of successful projects with clients including Puma, L’Oréal, Kiki de Montparnasse. Entrenched in the world of contemporary art, Dimitri also led the creation of books for artists such as Kendell Geers, Ed Ruscha, and Ann Veronica Janssens Back in Brussels in 2006, Dimitri took over Base’s global management. Dimitri has spoken at DesignThinkers, Columbia University, the AIGA conference in NYC. Whether founding new Base hubs, leading projects or vivifying ideas, Dimitri is very attached to his personal uniform. i a jeans and black T with a pile of weathered Moleskines under his arm.

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