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Everything you see I owe to spaghetti.

Sophia Loren


For the record, Gaston was asked to write his biography in the third person, which he thinks is kind of odd, even for a frenchman… Anyway, Gaston was born in Paris, a fine baby with two pairs of rosy cheeks. Breezy years went by in school, where the “could do better” remarks on his school reports rewarded a natural talent for laziness and daydreaming. Wandering through university, he tried chemistry and law but they required either too much or too little imagination. Then he learned that anyone could get a degree just by watching movies all day, so he majored in cinema. And then summer came, and he learned that anyone could get paid just by getting some fresh air on a beach with pretty people, so he got a job in fashion photography. Eventually he learned that anyone could earn a leaving just by talking some good sense into people, so he joined Base Design.

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