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Being born half alpha, half beta has led Jasmine down some peculiar paths. She graduated from the KU Leuven University as a bio-engineer, with a specialisation in soil and water engineering and an anthropology-oriented thesis, studying also in Scotland and Ecuador along the way. Longing for words and images, she then earned a Masters in Journalism and began making scientific documentaries for, the culture broadcast channel of the Belgian national television.

Following 15 documentaries, made as a researcher, reporter, and director, Jasmine moved on to the culture website and helped launching its successor She became a culture video journalist and made various artist portraits. In the meanwhile she started focusing on design and writing, and joined Base in 2010 as a researcher, strategist and copywriter. The foundation of what she does at Base is research, looking everywhere, going into very different fields. Practically, it comes down to collecting, analysing, summarising, looking for ideas, creating content and substance, building a framework for the designers and the client, writing and presenting. She also studies philosophy in her 'free' hours (VUB 16/17/18), researched the philosophy programme 16/17 for Background educations, writes essays/ conducts research for the Parliament of Things in Amsterdam and works as an interdisciplinary researcher for Z33, House for Contemporary Art in Hasselt, Belgium.

Jasmine loves fruit, rocks, mountain lakes, pines, tequila, deserts, Batman, reading, Cabinet/ Bldgblog/ de Correspondent /Aeon, sun, wind, anti-encyclopedia and infinite libraries, filming, sketching, collecting insights, musing on the Anthropocene, music of all genres, feasts, love, life, Gus, Charlie and Jens. She is a wisdom junkie and a guruphobe. She also plays tennis with a strange grip and way too offensively.

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