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The reams of handwritten jottings in Katerina’s notebook, penned with precision and flair, reveal that writing has been her calling since childhood. Fascinated by perception, she studied psychology in college then pursued marketing after graduation. But coming from a family of artists, an eventual steer down a more creative career path should’ve been obvious. Now at Base, Katerina helps brands and founders articulate their ideas and find their voice—a role she acknowledges carries a lot of responsibility. Combining astute thinking and a discerning way with words, she’s able to craft language that wholly embodies each client’s vision. An Oregon girl at heart, Katerina’s love of natural beauty evolved into a wider appreciation of aesthetics, be it food, furniture or forests. She often craves novelty and adventure—most recently resulting in a trans-America road trip in a converted (wifi-equipped) van. This explorative disposition also manifests in Katerina’s work, enabling her to conjure phrasing that no one else can quite nail. Spontaneity feeds her creativity, after all.