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Look behind you, a three-headed monkey !

Guybrush Threepwood


Louis graduated in Graphic Design from la Haute École Albert Jacquard. After working as a front-end developer at Emakina Belgium for three years, he joined Base's team in 2017.

Deeply interested in new digital technologies, Louis loves to experiment and to push the boundaries of the web. He brings a very hands-on attitude to the digital team: when everyone rambles about an idea, he quickly prototypes it. In coding motion, Louis tries to enhance every brand's digital presence. He believes that every element on a web page should have a purpose and fitting identity: from the logo to a merely functional form field.

With more than 12 years scouting experience, woods and nights walks are his playground. During that time, Louis developed a weird addiction to shorts. When he's not coding or gaming - when the Internet is down - you can find Louis in his vegetable garden.

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