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I don’t know how to describe my work.

Jean-Michel Basquiat


After studying linguistics, art history, and museology at the University of Geneva and Neuchâtel, Séverine realizes that—although academics are interesting—they aren’t connected enough to the real world for her liking. So she decides to take what she love and turn it into the job of her dreams: writing, simplifying, cutting, synthesizing, searching, inventing, and organizing ideas and words. The right mix of rigor and creativity.

When it’s not words, Séverine stacks legos with her son—a rediscovered passion on her own. She also likes, in no particular order: the smell of paper, freshly-cut grass and wet concrete in the summer, sunbathing like a lizard, wandering aimlessly, visiting cities off the-beaten-path, daydreaming, useless Instagram tutorials, good food with good friends, and Sundays with her family.

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