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Everytime I hear Wagner, I feel like invading Poland.

Woody Allen


Everything happens for a reason. This is the story of Thomas’ life. After doing his "BTS" in graphic and visual design in Lyon, he landed in Brussels by coincidence to study at La Cambre Superior School of Visual Arts. There, he got enchanted by typographic purity and the artistic side of graphic design. Same story with Base. Educated by Aurore and being judged by Thierry at his masters jury, the invitation to work for Base in 2011 was an opportunity to grab with both hands. Since then, Thomas has worked for clients such as Maison Dandoy, Opera La Monnaie and The Olympic Museum. Beyond his work as a designer, he developed an affinity for the global understanding of branding, together with a profound strategic and conceptual way of working. Thomas loves total immersion in a challenging project that may look simple at first sight, but turns out to be a true mind-bender. He also loves exotic French cheeses, being a ’Sunday sportsman', and seeking new challenges.

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