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Another row of models thanking the audience

Ready-to-read show: Base celebrates its 20th anniversary at MoMA

Base celebrated 20 years with a party and an original performance at the MoMA. The performance consisted of 30 artists and models, all styled by Hannelore Knuts & Wayne Sterling (The Image), each wearing a wooden bespoke sandwich board on which a message was displayed in color spectrum. The messages were a mix of statements about the state of global culture, design and social mores. #BaseAtMoMA

A young man wearing sunglasses driving a car
The team members of the staff for "Base at Moma" standing near the building smiling

We had an amazing experience collaborating with a talented team to produce the sandwich boards for the event. Based on our original concept, Erwin De Muer helped on the design and the construction, Bulo/Bosq supplying the beautiful wooden panels, Dragon Diffusion the fantastic leather straps.

Jake Post, Director of Operations
View of a road in the suburbs of New York
The front of the Moma viewed from a car window
Facade of the Moma by night with people walking by
A woman with a stylist in a fitting room

The amazing cast and styling was orchestrated by Hannelore Knuts and Wayne Sterling.

Dimitri Jeurissen, Partner
Two people fiwing a sign with the quote "Paying attention is free"
Other models waiting in the corridor
Different models waiting in a corridor
Young people on a parade with a girl rising her arms in the middle

LQQK Studio screen printed our designs and executed the gradients to a level that surpassed our lofty ambitions. The only experience that wasn’t amazing was transporting the boards to the event in the “not-so-pleasant” NYC afternoon traffic.

A row of models giving thanks to the audience on the stage of the show

We worked on 30 different messages… mixing general thoughts about contemporary communication with ways we think, approach and see the world.

Arno Baudin, Design Director
People in the audience taking photos of the stage with their smartphones
A Dj at his deck playing at the event

A big thank you to Jason Grisell for not only DJ'ing a great set throughout the party, but for also composing a special song for the presentation of the sandwich boards. Check out Have The Clap Step Monday!

Jake Post, Director of Operations
The audience applauding after the show of the event Base At Moma
Young people in a parade wearing signs with quotes from Base
Another row of models thanking the audience on the stage

In the entrance of MoMA we used 5 big screens to feature our portfolio . We produced 5 animations illustrating 5 designer's desktops opening images of our work.

Several young men during the meet-up with tote bags designed by Base
A young woman with high heels and a tote bag
A man entering the room of the event "Base At Moma" with a tote bag designed by Base
An old woman at the event with a tote bag

Great to see all our guests walking away with the tote bags we produced. All bags were silkscreened with a mix of messages about the state of global culture, design or social mores.

Thierry Brunfaut, Creative Director & Partner
A group of models waiting to start the show
Different Twitter posts that communicate on the event
A group of models pausing in front of the camera
A woman with a sign designed by Base quoting "Dream, do, repeat."
People pausing at the camera and laughing during the event Base at Moma
An organiser of the event getting applause by models on the stage
The partner of Base Design dressed up pausing together

Looking forward to the next 20 years!

Min Lew, Partner