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Changing the tune of music streaming

In the competitive landscape of music streaming apps, Deezer aims to give their users a real, personalised experience. With a selection of tracks curated to all of life’s moments, the platform’s ambition is to provide a soundtrack for every occasion. With this in mind, We helped them verbalise their strategy and craft their own tone of voice, while creating a simple system to show what Deezer can do for you : you bring X and Deezer brings the music.

We created a seamless experience where the borders between print and digital, product and brand disappear, on-line and off-line constantly overlapping. This allowed Deezer to adopt a more organic and consistent approach to its communications.

With users spread across 180 countries, the feeling of the brand had to remain the same but be able to adapt to local needs and cultures. To highlight Deezer’s ability to amplify your life wherever you are, the brand uses a playful tone of voice that is always culturally relevant and on point.

Ultimately, we helped Deezer develop a coherent and unified brand that speaks to users all over the world—giving them the tools to transform music listeners into music lovers.
The first campaign, created by the agency 84Paris, already started rolling out in Paris's streets, keep an eye out for the rest!