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Branding a more sustainable future

In a world where climate change continues to be a pressing but challenging subject, Energy Observer invited Base to re imagine their brand and digital experience. Our ultimate goals were to clarify the complex and make the project more approachable, while demonstrating that EO don’t just talk about ecology, but actively do something about it.

In the hopes of raising awareness on a more sustainable future, Victorien Erussard (sailboat racer) joined by Jérôme Delafosse (professional diver) set sail for a seven year world tour aboard a repurposed racing catamaran exclusively powered by renewable energy and hydrogen. The expedition that began in 2017 aims to meet individuals pioneering sustainable alternatives, while simultaneously exploring green energy solutions through science and tech.

We sought to capture the dual “Elon Musk meets Cousteau” personality of the project, and craft a global narrative that simplified Energy Observer’s story as the mother brand, while embodying its two entities : EOdyssey as the vessel that explores and shares ideas from all over the world, and EODev, the engineering company investigating science and tech to uncover green energy solutions.

As the subject is often a challenging (and sometimes daunting) one to approach, we wanted to make it more approachable with an immersive dashboard experience for the Odyssey section of the website — allowing the audience to follow the catamaran in real time.

An extra layer of storytelling is made available when individuals visiting the website click on the vessel’s locations on the map, uncovering access to all the content produced in each location. While the EODev part of the website is more tech-oriented and is used to present the different renewable energy discoveries their lab has been working on.

We also created the storytelling, concept and scenography of the pop-up exhibition they will set up at every stop, presenting EO and aiming to educate local individuals on renewable energies.

“We were at a key moment in our company, wanting to shift from start-up to scale-up meant we had to look back at our brand and clarify our mission. Base came in as an enabler, bringing all the key stakeholders around the table — engineers, commercials, developers etc. — to discuss what the future of EO would look like and help us achieve our vision.”
- Victorien Erussard, President, Captain and Founder