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Musical invention from Mahler to Zappa

Founded in 1977, the Ensemble Contrechamps aims to promote contemporary works, including a variety of concerts and activities for all audiences, old or young, neophyte or not. We were tapped to develop the communications for this vibrant institution.

Ensemble Contrechamps ia all about questioning and reinveting classical music, so it's always looking back at what has been done, and looking ahead at what is being composed. This season's theme is "Music and Politics". Can a composition be political? Has it ever been? What does it mean? How is it translated? Our concept comes from an idea that there are always several ways to contemplate and listen to the music. Using the idea of the contrechamps, or the same scene observed from two different points, we constructed a system where we can translate this cinematographic effect into different design applications.

Anthony Franklin, Partner & Design Director

The compositions we designed are based on the field / counter-field cinematographic principle: one scene observed from two different view-points.

Over the next four years, we will use this graphic system as a framework to host an endless variety of content, including images, graphics, and typographical compositions. This communication concept will evolve and allow Contrechamps to visualize the various facets of their cultural project.

Image selection was done in close collaboration with the Contrechamps communication team. Part of the latest season’s program is based on Breaking News, which is reflected in the use of images taken straight from the moment’s headlines.

Anthony Franklin, Partner & Design Director