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Love, Baudelaire, flowers. And a touch of pain. A lingerie brand is born

Elegant and provocative, Fleur du Mal is a ready-to-wear lingerie brand. Inspired by Baudelaire's "Les fleurs du mal", or "The flowers of evil", founder Jennifer Zuccarini (formerly of Kiki de Montparnasse and Victoria's Secret) challenged us to create an identity for Fleur du Mal that was all about "curating desire and inspiring discovery".

When we were conceptualizing the identity for Fleur du Mal, Base brought to life our desire for something that was strong, provocative and timeless. They understood the aesthetic of the brand before it was a brand.

– Jennifer Zuccarini, Founder

Dimitri Jeurissen, Partner

The duality found in the name Fleur du mal (the flower of evil) became the conceptual starting point for the brand identity and personality. We were always trying to balance this duality: "sensual yet sexy", "elegant yet provocative", "edgy yet chic", and "playful yet timeless".

Arno Baudin, Design Director

A mark based on rose thorns. Like the evil flower, it is a mark that is at once structurally classic and strong, yet so fragile and beautiful.

Min Lew, Partner

For the opening, I envisioned a printed invitation wrapped around forty red roses. I still can’t believe they went for it.

Min Lew, Partner

Today, Fleur du Mal continues to gain momentum both in terms of its online sales and at key retailers like Barneys.

Dimitri Jeurissen, Partner