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This panettone simply deserved its signature packaging

At best, it’s a misunderstood cousin of fruitcake, at worst a disappointingly dry, tasteless experience. Roy’s panettone is anything but. Roy Shvartzapel, renowned international pastry chef and co-founder of "Houston's best bakery", Common Bond, challenged Base to bring his new venture to life by developing an iconic brand. Inspired by Roy’s dedication to his craft, we translated his passion into the entire visual system.

We wanted the identity to focus on Roy himself: his philosophy, skill and approach. The brand needed to feel as if it came from Roy, personally. We developed the name, From Roy, to capture the sincerity of the chef’s personal mission. We then created a custom, stylized sign-off inspired by the signatures of iconic artists.

Min Lew, Partner

Producing and developing just one product to absolute perfection is a unique way to launch a company. Therefore, each box needed to treat the panettone like a masterpiece.

The From Roy packaging treats each panettone like a precious gem. The box includes a "letter" to customers about what the brand embodies – tradition, invention, and quality ingredients.

The messaging on the package engages the consumer, allowing for a nearly personal interaction with Roy himself. It serves as an assurance of quality and a stamp of pride. Endlessly flexible, this system will allow From Roy to grow beyond panettone into other product categories. The brand’s website is clean, with a simple UX to emphasize product over design.

Min Lew, Partner

From Roy feels at once decadent and restrained. It is deeply personal yet always professional. A manifesto, signed and approved by its creator. Always made with love. Always From Roy.

Geoff Cook, Partner