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A manifesto for a new fashionable world order

Fashion Tech Forum (FTF) provides a platform for the fashion, retail, technology, and investment communities to collaborate to build communities and partnerships for sustainable brands of the future. In addition to the annual conference, FTF’s digital network, INDX, hopes to act not only as a platform but as a guide for talents and businesses as they connect and “discover the future” together. Base was challenged with developing a narrative and visual identity for FTF that would resonate equally with the very different worlds of fashion and technology.

In creating the identity, we juxtaposed a beautiful and rather classic typeface with a contemporary layout system. The result speaks the language of fashion, but in a way that is fresh and clear.

Steve Piron, Web Developer

The system scaled very well, from minute digital applications to large format environmental graphics.

Jake Post, Director of Operations

Following the success of their annual conference, Fashion Tech Forum, FTF developed an exciting online platform for the creative community called INDX. We were tasked with naming the platform and constructing a flexible architecture that could accommodate the two brands as well as future projects.

Min Lew, Partner