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Jeff Koons pausing with a Hulk mascot

Where art and pop culture collide

Jeff Koons. The name alone immediately conjures up enormous balloon dogs and headlines about "the greatest living artist". So when Gagosian Gallery called us about working on a few of the artist's exhibitions, we couldn't resist.

An animation combining different illustrations made for the book "Jeff Koons Hulk Elvis"

What was enriching was the conversation with Jeff about how to create very recognizable communication pieces that would accentuate and reflect the ‘pop’ attitude of his iconic work.

Min Lew, Partner
Top view of two books designed for Jeff Koons: "Popeye" and "Hulk Elvis", on a white table
A spread of the book designed for Jeff Koons, featuring the illustration of the Monkey Train
An opened book designed for Jeff Koons
The Hulk Elvis book designed for Jeff Koons on a white table
View of a set of books and spread of books designed for Jeff Koons on a table