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© Bart Kiggen

From Antwerp to the world, with love

Graanmarkt 13 is a restaurant, high-end concept store and apartment in Antwerp, Belgium. It's a special house, a crossover place full of surprises. Years ago, Base created a visual identity that presented Graanmarkt 13 as a delightful destination with a story: a haven for people in search of objects with soul and meaning (read more about that here). Owners Tim and Ilse got back in touch with us when they were ready to take the next step: the development of a series of Graanmarkt 13 branded products and services, and an online shop. Base helped Graanmarkt 13 evolve from a specific location in Antwerp, into a brand that reaches far beyond its own walls.

Garden 13, Graanmarkt 13’s first collection, is a series of plant-based products inspired by their rooftop garden philosophy. For the Garden 13 range, we played with mysterious and playful taglines which evoke curiosity around the scent of each product.

Jasmine De Bruycker, Strategist & Copywriter

Storytelling is still a main pillar of the identity, always with Graanmarkt 13 as the signature. The tone of voice adapts and evolves for each product.

Bonjour, Paris!

The entire series was launched during a special event at Colette, Paris.

Dimitri Jeurissen, Partner
© Pramoediya

The new botanical range is made to be a pleasure for the senses. The products offer a way to enjoy and learn from nature as you take a little bit of Graanmarkt 13 home with you.

To help Graanmarkt 13 reach people far beyond Antwerp, we redesigned the Graanmarkt 13 website. Besides being a tool for practical information and reservations, the new website is a place for stories to be told, beauty to be explored, and for the first time...products to be bought.

Pierre Stoffe, Digital Production Manager

It was clear that we had to design a user-friendly shopping interface, but on top of that, it was important to bring the distinct customer experience of the Antwerp store online. Detailed messaging, inspiring micro-copy, lots of personal stories and carefully curated products are key to the new Graanmarkt 13 e-shop.

Pierre Stoffe, Digital Production Manager

The challenge for each new product started with the same question: how do we translate the atmosphere of the House to something concrete like a perfume or food truck?

Graanmarkt 13’s Culinary Surprise Truck has become their mobile kitchen, bringing The Restaurant's beloved veggie-dishes by Seppe Nobels to various locations across Belgium.

Fumi Congan, Production Director
© Jesse Willems