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Exterior of Graanmarkt 13 store in Antwerp

Turning a house into a destination

Graanmarkt 13 is a very special house in Antwerp. It is a concept store, restaurant, gallery, and apartment – all under the one roof. Founded by husband and wife, Ilse Cornelissens and Tim Van Geloven, it’s a wonderland of creativity and inspiration. We were asked to create a visual identity that would present Graanmarkt 13 as a destination with a story, a haven for people in search of things with soul and meaning. We developed a narrative and a series of vignettes that show what makes Graanmarkt so unique in a city full of fashion.

The founders of Graanmarkt 13 sitting in a chair with their dog
© Frederik Vercruysse

The story of Graanmarkt 13 is a special one. Tim and Ilse conceived the project guided by the belief that there should be a place for the good things in life. My must-sees when visiting? The housewares selection and the family four-footer, George.

A key with a label

For Graanmarkt 13, we ran with the idea of "anti-branding". It doesn’t have one fixed logo, but rather a tone of voice and a story, and always with Graanmarkt 13 as the signature. The identity evolves with the personalities that surround it.

Dimitri Jeurissen, Partner
Three different sizes bags with Graanmarkt 13 identity
© Frederik Vercruysse
Graanmarkt 13 clothing labels hanging

It's a place where everything is for sale except the hangtags, which give each object its own voice. One of my favourite anecdotes told by Ilse and Tim is that the phrases have become collectibles among fans of the house.

Dimitri Jeurissen, Partner
Jam jars with Graanmarkt 13 labels
© Bart Kiggen / Coffeeklatch
Set of printed materials designed for Graanmarkt 13 displayed on a table
The chef of Graanmarkt 13 with his apron standing beside a table
© Frederik Vercruysse

Graanmarkt 13 also owes its success to the great cast of artists who work with Tim and Ilse. Whether it's the art direction of Bob Verhelst, the architecture of Vincent Van Duysen, or the delicious surprises of chef Seppe Nobels, their skills and know-how give Graanmarkt 13 that special touch.

Dishes and glasses on a table
© Frederik Vercruysse

In 2015, Gault & Millau selected Graanmarkt 13 as the best vegetable restaurant in Flanders.

Madeleines coming out of a Graanmarkt 13 packaging
© Bart Kiggen / Coffeeklatch
Set of packaging pieces for Graanmarkt 13 food take aways
Quote on the window of Graanmarkt 13 store in Komedieplaats
Welcoming sentence designed for visitors of Graanmarkt 13
Interior of the Graanmarkt 13 shop
© Frederik Vercruysse

Recently, Ilse and Tim created a second destination called Komedieplaats 5, specialising in shoes and accessories. If you’re in the area, be sure to drop by and ask for one of their personal city guides to Antwerp.

Quote on stories by Graanmarkt 13

Graanmarkt 13 has evolved as a brand over the years: from a destination in Antwerp, to a brand that reaches far beyond its own walls. Read more about that here.