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Variants of the flexible visual identity for Gwangju

An annual report for a year of art.

The Gwangju Biennale is regarded as one of the most important art events of the year. For the 2007 show, renowned curator Okwui Enwezor asked us to develop all elements of the exhibition identity. Using his theme of an annual report for the 2007 year in art, we developed an identity referencing bookends, literally marking the beginning and the end of that calendar year. This visual language was then used to frame all communications from the Biennale.

The visual identity designed for Gwangju on a billboard

Framing all information with the 07/08 graphic created a simple, flexible, and recognizable visual language that an international audience could easily understand.

Min Lew, Partner
The signage designed for Gwangju on a wall
Digital experience developed for Gangju on desktop
A mascot talking to children for Gwangju street marketing actions
Front of the annual report designed for Gwangju branding

We were especially happy with how the catalog turned out. Of course we carried over the language of the Annual Report and this, along with the printing on the side of the book, helped to bring personality to the communications materials without interfering with the work.

Dimitri Jeurissen, Partner
Pages of the annual report designed for Gwangju branding

It was special for me and Yoon Yoo, our former designer, to be designing together in Korean & English!

Min Lew, Partner
Pages with visual from the annual report designed for Gwangju
Back of the annual report designed for Gwangju
A set of materials design for Gwangju branding
A poster designed for Gwangju's communication campaign