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Fresh thinking and bold action in the conservation space

Throughout its 50 year history, the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) has explored new ways to improve conditions for animals and people across the globe. In the conservation space, there is no one else who considers the welfare of individual animals as well as entire populations.

To successfully meet the challenges of the next 50 years, IFAW partnered with Base to reimagine their brand in order to better communicate their unique approach to the widest possible audience. We wanted to show how IFAW’s experts work in the field, challenging the standard codes of beauty shots of animals in the wild and guilt-inducing pleas for help.

How to sum up the personality of IFAW? A brand that is the perfect mix of brains and brawn, a big thinker yet scrappy and action-oriented–like Einstein and MacGyver!

Direct, optimistic, approachable. Using reportage style tactics, we help bring the IFAW audience to their work around the world, with images that report the reality while simultaneously inspiring hope.

The website is an integral part of IFAW’s rebrand. Immersive “bite-sized” pieces of information draw readers in while there is always the option to dive much deeper with journalistic coverage of projects. Paired with calls to action, the content allows visitors to become active participants in a mission together with IFAW.

IFAW looks at issues from different angles, challenging the way things are done. Mirroring their approach, we developed a tone of voice that is neither simplistic nor academic, appealing to readers’ intelligence as much as to their emotions. Visual and graphic elements work together to convey information in novel ways–whether through unexpected connections or thought-provoking questions.

We created “super tags” which help users to learn about IFAW’s unique methodology at a glance, connecting articles, projects, and news items in surprising yet meaningful ways. This allowed us to contextualize the important work that IFAW does and explore it through compelling, well-told stories.

IFAW is open and transparent, showing donors exactly how their donations are making an impact in the real world. We created interactive maps on the website to bring people closer to IFAW’s programs across the globe as well as infographics which help make the complex easily understood.