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From digital to physical, curation is communication.

When we were tasked by the ING Bank to create the concept of its contemporary art collection's retrospective exhibition, it was obvious we had to go beyond the usual poster / banner / website trilogy. We suggested ING integrates all aspects of the show into one dynamic conversation: curation (what to see), communication (what to say) and experience (how to interact with it). From spatial to digital, from messaging to imaging, from web app to catalog, the exhibition projects the ING Bank into new dimensions by showcasing its art.

Articulated around the theme of “Love. Hate. Debate.” (developed by communication agency Mortierbrigade), the collection is introduced through statements of first impressions one can have when viewing contemporary art: "My kid could have drawn that", "Do you see what I see?", "It's just a piece of wood, right?".

These statements and questions invite a wide and diverse public to entertain an open dialogue with the artwork. As the introduction to the exhibition states: “This is not an exhibition. And you are not just a visitor.”

As we didn’t want visitors to have to go through the hassle of downloading yet another app, we developed a Progressive Web App – a website that adopts app-like functionalities. (Learn more on our blog.)

“A very powerful emotional connection takes place when face-to-face with certain works of art. We didn’t want to numb that feeling by requiring visitors to stare at their phone screens out of a fear of missing out.”

Thomas Byttebier, Digital Director

As co-curators of the project, we created a range of content and were able to build a journey through the collection across a variety of touchpoints: from the texts to the book, furniture, and spatial layout, images, and app, the 360° approach allowed us to create a unified experience.

Instead of a catalog, the book “Stories of a Collection” was designed as a keepsake – documenting the history of the collection with the aim of having the stories continue far beyond the exhibition.

The result of this collaboration was a great symbiosis between INGs curator and all the creatives involved in the process: from designers to strategists, scenographers and developers. This synergy allowed us to help ING give a sense to the collection and develop a unique story around the exhibition.