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Exterior of the JFK Terminal 4 during the day

Brand a place as big as an airport: JFK Terminal 4

JFK Terminal 4, the only privately owned terminal in the states, came to us with one important question: how to personify Terminal 4 through a new identity? Their objective was not only to create a logo but to create a memorable sense of place. Through the visual identity we captured the spirit of “Guide & Delight”: Terminal 4 can “Guide” the passengers by being efficient, safe, and reliable as well as “Delight” them by creating surprising and engaging moments. Traveling through a terminal should not be a dreadful experience but an engaging and pleasant journey.

By referencing tarmac runways and airplane jet streams, the logo portrays the duality of “guide & delight” inherent to the terminal.

Arno Baudin, Design Director
Quote from Gert-Jan De Graaf on the passenger experience
Glass door of Jfk Terminal 4 with the logo
Typographic signature designed for Jfk Terminal 4

“4” is treated not just as the number of the terminal but as the driving force behind the entire messaging system. 4 ALL 4 YOU 4 NYC 4 JOY... The possibilities are endless.

Min Lew, Partner
Poster wishing a nice trip to passenger in Jfk Terminal 4
Large poster wishing passengers a bon voyage in Jfk Terminal 4
Poster wishing passengers a good flight in Jfk Terminal 4

We created a custom typeface that is open/light and that is evocative of travel. This allows the brand to be approachable and easily recognizable throughout the terminal without being too corporate.

Arno Baudin, Design Director
Quote from Brianna Comber, Marketing Manager on the brand
Poster signalling the way to the commercial area of the Jfk Terminal 4

We partnered with illustrator Tomi Um to create unique characters. Often placed in unexpected locations, the characters aid the travelers with useful tips and info. Of course it is important to guide travelers, but it is equally important to put smiles on their faces 🙂

Inva Çota, Design Director
Poster welcoming passengers in Jfk Terminal 4

The fun, playful identity was created to be flexible. Where appropriate, applications take a more serious tone, but without losing the spirit of the identity.

Application of the typography for Jfk Terminal 4 on an elevator
Poster on a traveling wish list in Jfk Terminal 4
Illustration representing New York City with planes flying around

While waiting to board travelers encounter travel-themed quotes and illustrations to make them even more excited for their experiences ahead.

Inva Çota, Design Director
Quote from CEO Gert-Jan de Graaf on its experience with Base Design
Poster saying "New York loves you" in Jfk Terminal 4

Terminal 4 is a proud New Yorker. Many visitors are first timers in the city and some don’t have a chance to see it from connecting flights. It was important to have elements of NY spread throughout the terminal.

Min Lew, Partner
Poster promoting New York City in Jfk Terminal 4
Poster wishing a great stay to passengers in Jfk Terminal 4
Glass doors with a quote wishing a great stay to visitors that exit the Jfk Terminal 4
Set of printed materials designed for Jfk Terminal 4
Set of merchandising products for Jfk Terminal 4
Aerian view of the logo for Jfk Terminal 4 on the roof of the infrastructure

What good is an identity if it can’t be seen from Google Earth?

Jake Post, Director of Operations