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Five boroughs. One terminal.

JFK Terminal 4 may connect travelers to the wide reaches of the world, but it itself has more than a mile of jet bridges, corridors, and concourses. We adorned them with our visual identity to guide and delight passengers along the way.

The result – a journey through T4 is like a stroll through the five boroughs. For those staying, it enlivens with what awaits. And for those connecting, it offers a whirlwind tour of the city that never sleeps.

Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, the Bronx, and Staten Island welcome travelers with open arms as soon as they step off the plane. As they make their way from the gate towards customs, and ultimately to the exit, they navigate their way through the city.

Min Lew, Partner

The space evolves alongside the passenger’s journey. Here, in Concourse A, our art direction captures New York’s endearing grit. Quotes from proud New Yorkers celebrate the magic of the Big Apple.

Our ultimate goal – enrich an overlooked experience for the 21 million who travel through T4 each year. If the smiles are any indication, we may have done just that.

Inva Çota, Design Director

T4 is a New Yorker, through and through. Minus the graffitti, pigeons, and street vendors. You'll have to leave the terminal for those.

Gabriela Carnabuci, Designer