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Translating a successful store experience to an ownable brand voice

Now a fixture in cities worldwide, Le Pain Quotidien is recognized as an urban oasis serving healthy fare. We realized with their team however that, though the brand’s products were exceptional, the consumer experience was largely limited to the store. Our task was to evolve the brand language and apply it to the overall online experience to build engagement beyond the physical stores themselves.

Le Pain Quotidien has always been known largely as an “experiential brand” closely aligned to its product and physical stores. We wanted to take part in expanding this soulful brand from a product to a lifestyle-driven experience. One of the key elements we worked on was writing, where we put forward the philosophy of the brand.

Min Lew, Partner

Imagery of course plays a leading role in conveying a certain lifestyle. We art directed several photo shoots, one of which was shot in a country house in Provence.

Thierry Brunfaut, Creative Director & Partner

All pictures by our friend, photographer Lydie Nesvadba.

What people are perhaps less conscious of is how we use a brand’s values as filters for technological choices. For example, LPQ is warm and welcoming by definition; the UX reflects the same personality that’s so present in the stores. The site also intuitively knows which LPQ you are closest to, and pulls that up at launch, again to offer a level of personalization and attention that exists in their physical environments.