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The building of Los Angeles Master Chorale

Giving Los Angeles Master Chorale its visual voice

Hailing from Disney Hall, the Grammy-nominated LA Master Chorale has been described as “the nation’s most pioneering major chorus". An independent and innovative professional vocal ensemble, the Master Chorale performs choral music from the earliest writings to the most recent contemporary compositions at their own concerts and those of the LA Philharmonic. In taking on the rebrand and marketing of the Master Chorale, we sought to rethink the visual codes of classical music and choral singing. By portraying choral music in a contemporary way, we demonstrated how, in our increasingly digital world, a thoroughly analog, elemental art form like choral singing is as compelling and relevant as ever.

For too long the Master Chorale has been considered one of LA’s best kept (cultural) secrets. In order to evolve from “underground” to “icon”, we worked with the Chorale on a comprehensive brand & marketing strategy. Our goal – to challenge perceptions about the relevance of choral music now and in the future, while bringing their art to the widest possible audience.

Geoff Cook, Partner
A row of three books designed for Los Angeles Master Chorale on a grey background

An early insight was that singing was one of the first arts. Incredibly egalitarian, it requires no tools or instrumentation, and has a nearly transcendental effect on those who hear it, regardless of background. With this in mind, we drew inspiration from these deeply human aspects of music to create a set of custom typefaces that evoke the mechanics and feeling of the human voice.

Daniel Peterson, Creative Director

By looking at the Master Chorale through the lens of our new visual identity, we were able to tell a more compelling and cohesive story: one that’s accessible, candid, and real. We wanted to break down the barriers between performers, audience, and institution.

Min Lew, Partner
Collage of photos featuring musiciens and vocalists during their rehearsals and a concert

We created photography and film that intimately portray this uniquely talented and eclectic community of singers. For this season’s campaign, we used the open mouth to evoke the raw and personal emotion of the singer, and the uniquely transformative power of the human voice. In combination with Arnaud Pyvka’s photography for the seasonal performances, we mixed the classical and the contemporary through the lens of today’s vibrant and colorful Los Angeles.

Marie Noorbergen, Creative Director
A set of printed materials designed for Los Angeles Master Chorale on a grey table

Our aim was to profoundly connect the Chorale with contemporary LA: to look beyond the concert hall and fashion a unique voice that perfectly encapsulates the notion that the Master Chorale is much more than you expect. To do this, we needed to challenge the visual codes of “classical” music by acting and appearing deeply human, sun drenched, and unexpected – quintessentially LA. No longer “the voice of the Walt Disney Concert Hall", the Master Chorale represents the many “voices of LA”.

Daniel Peterson, Creative Director
A set of posters designed for Los Angeles Master Chorale on an infrastructure next to the building of Los Angeles Master Chorale
Posters designed for Los Angeles Master Chorale's communication on the side of the building
A poster designed for Los Angeles Master Chorale's anniversary displayed on an infrastructure next the building of Los Angeles Master Chorale