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From looking old to looking gold

Founded in 1905 and based in Brussels, Maison Vervloet specializes in handcrafted hardware. The company’s old ways made it difficult to adapt and appeal to a contemporary audience. Our guiding objective was to elevate the identity of Maison Vervloet and, perhaps more importantly, to rejuvenate the company’s core attitude.

Factory pictures by Oskar for Recto Verso Magazine.

When we dove into the universe of this great Belgian house, we discovered a family-founded company with a long-standing tradition of craftsmanship. Our task was to provide Vervloet with the tools to shine, removing the dust of a dated identity while staying true to their roots.

How to freshen up a long-established house specializing in door handles? First, we had to refocus on the essentials: a unique know-how, an epic collection and a serious commitment to quality and skill… More than a company that produces and sells objects, we wanted Maison Vervloet to act as a collector and an artist disseminating beauty and preserving a disappearing craft.

Jasmine De Bruycker, Strategist & Copywriter

Every house has its own signature. Vervloet’s had to be an elegant reinvention. Both classic and modern, fresh yet ownable. We combined a contemporary typeface with a symbol that refers to one of their oldest and most famous crafts: chiseling.

Thomas Leon, Creative Director

We enriched their communications, adding poetry and broadening the focus – which was very product-based – to other facets of the brand. Though slightly atypical, we wanted their passion for decorative hardware to become a tool to inspire others by combining it with a more editorial attitude.

Thomas Leon, Creative Director

Brand communication is not only about print and digital. It gathers all the touchpoints that will determine a person’s vision of what you do. At the Maison et Objets – a famous trade fair in Paris – we redefined their brand expression through interior design and furniture. The fair was not only a way to introduce the new Vervloet but also a space that they could truly own.

Erwin De Muer, Designer

We aimed to keep the platform pure and simple, but also unique, limiting the elements in order to elevate and focus on the smallest details of the furniture. The centerpiece was the table, which was custom-designed and produced at Vervloet’s own factory. Metal tubes from a previous collection were used for the base of the piece. It was great to see how proud Vervloet’s craftsmen were with the finished product.

Verloet’s star product for this fair was ‘Bubbles’, a new collaboration with designer India Mahdavi. We staged and shot the collection with Filip Vanzieleghem and printed it on a 2-meter-high canvas.

Thomas Leon, Creative Director

Rejuvenating Vervloet’s digital presence started with a redesign of their dated website. To replace it, we built a practical archive which is searchable and which gives Vervloet’s massive collection the attention it deserves. We’re currently in the process of redefining their entire digital presence.

Pierre Stoffe, Digital Production Manager

Our collaboration with the Maison Vervloet team was and is still great. We are closely collaborating with them on their brand new positioning. We look forward to working with them on exciting future projects here in Belgium and all around the world!