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Putting to bed all preconceptions of e-commerce rebranding

What digital experience should consumers expect from luxury brands? In helping Matouk, the 100-year old brand famous for its exquisite sheets and towels, to advance & enhance its e-commerce presence, we asked ourselves this very question. Is it the showcasing of beautiful products? Efficient transactional flow through the funnel to checkout? Of course. But how could we translate the story of the brand, heightened levels of service, and tools for customization from the physical world into an unforgettable digital experience? We partnered with the Matouk team to find the solution.

Challenging the classic notion of luxury bedding being about sultry, European nights, we helped Matouk to focus on a different story, one of crisp, light-filled American mornings, by infusing art direction that evokes family and the feeling of home.

To mimic real world work sessions with interior designers, we created the work board tool. This allows customers to pull in product from the site and juxtapose it against inspirational photos and references to define overall moods for the home.

To further reflect Matouk’s “made-to-measure” ethos, we created a range of tools to tackle full customization. From sizing, to color choices and live previews of personal monogramming, this online “atelier” serves as an extension to the boutique service experience.

Editorial content creates a rich entry point for customers and drives brand engagement.

Frictionless, mobile ecommerce offers mere taps to purchase, and is optimized for all direct and social pathways to the site.

Since their relaunch, has experienced 18 months of record online sales: 30% increase in overall conversion rates and a 65% increase in mobile conversion rates, a 10% lift in organic acquisitions with a 25% increase in corresponding conversions, a 50% reduction in dropped carts, and a 25% decrease in mobile bounce rates.