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Horizontal visual with logotype designed for Meatpacking District Improvement Association

Brand a neighborhood? Meet the Meatpacking District

The ask: brand the Meatpacking District. Our goal: create a brand with the power to change perceptions about the neighborhood. Traditionally notorious for its namesake, now-shut-down hourly hotels, and status as the mecca for NYC club culture, the Meatpacking district has recently experienced significant change. The challenge for Base was to reconcile the clash between the newer side of the neighborhood – art, culture, design, fashion, food and technology – with the area’s colorful past. Then we realized – this clash is what makes it so great.

View of buildings of the Meatpacking District in the city

The Meatpacking District is a living breathing neighborhood contradiction — night / day, culture / commerce, chic / gritty, high heels / cobblestones…

Min Lew, Partner
Quote from Cliff Meilman on daring
Gif representing the duality of the logotype for the Meatpacking District
Series of covers designed for the Meatpacking District on a table

The Meatpacking District identity celebrates opposites working together. We wanted it to feel as dynamic as a walk down one of its streets. The logo is split at different locations between a bold sans-serif and an elegant serif – a nod to the Meatpacking District’s past and present.

Inva Çota, Design Director
Application of a visual designed for the Meatpacking District on a roll-up banner

We selected images that spoke to the neighborhood’s personality and that created interesting points of friction when brought together. Sacha Maric’s photography played a critical role in bringing this vision to life.

Jake Post, Director of Operations
Facade of the Meatpacking District Association building
Inside one of the stores of the Meatpacking District

We wanted the identity to be both beautiful and useful for visitors. One problem we needed to solve was the lack of awareness of all that was happening in this vibrant neighborhood. So we created brochures with easy-to-navigate maps to help highlight activities in the neighborhood.

Inva Çota, Design Director
View of the street of the Meatpacking District
Patchwork of visuals designed for the Meatpacking District

We adopted the line “New Original” as we were working through the identity and loved the sentiment. It was the perfect summation of our contrasting work. When it was time to launch, we took over the annual Open Market event and used the line as a theme throughout.

Geoff Cook, Partner
People exchanging in a room during a Meatpacking District event
People eating food at an event organised by the Meatpacking District Association
People pausing for a photo during an event organised by the Meatpacking District Association
Quote from Mazdack Rassi on the dynamism of the Meatpacking District

We used the split logo idea as a structural device to organize the content: each side is a column that scrolls independently. This means you can read the latest content from neighborhood businesses and plan your visit at the same time.