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How to ask the people of Miami their help to build their own museum?

When the Miami Art Museum (today "PAMM") took the bold step of deciding to build a new museum, they enlisted us to create a capital campaign identity to serve as the springboard for their $220 million fundraise. A key objective was to develop a local groundswell amongst Miami residents so as to create "ownership" and pride around the museum. How serendipitous therefore that "Miami Art Museum" (known at the time by many as "MAM") is contained in the word "MIAMI"... a metaphor if there ever was one.

We wanted to create a design that reflected the ethos of the museum: a “project that is for the people and by the people of Miami”.

Min Lew, Partner

Terry Riley, the then-director and friend to Base, brought us together with Herzog & de Meuron, the project’s architects. The building is spectacular. A must see for anyone traveling to Miami.

Geoff Cook, Partner

We collaborated with Herzog & de Meuron on their exhibition introducing the project to the public. To communicate that their design required public input, we developed a visual language made up of layered imagery. The “design-y yet messy” vocabulary referencing papers on a desk was very effective in communicating the project was still very much a “work-in-progress”.

Thierry Brunfaut, Creative Director & Partner