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The "Milk Made" logo

Milk Made: the platform to showcase emerging talents

Milk Made is a leading online editorial publication dedicated to the most innovative talent in fashion, music, art, and film. In 2010, its counterpart, Made Fashion Week, launched with a mission to support emerging designers. Base helped to define the Made properties through concept, branding, and creative direction.

The partners of Milk Studios dressed-up standing next to each other
A quote from co-founder Mazdack Rassi on what Milk stands for

MADE was founded in 2009 by Jenné Lombardo, an executive at MAC Cosmetics, Mazdack Rassi, the creator of Milk Studios, and Keith Baptista, a production designer who has worked on many fashion shows.

Geoff Cook, Partner
Models with black dresses during a fashion show
Animation of the logo "Milk Made" with glitch effects

The visual identity reflects the dynamism and edginess of the content. The logo is raw and ever-changing, much like the editorial platform and fashion week.

Min Lew, Partner
Models surrounded by paparazzis at the closing of a fashion show
Three models in different coloured dresses making dumb faces in front of a white backgound

The site is a leading source for the latest goings-on in popular culture, including fashion, music, photography, and art news.

Min Lew, Partner
A model getting her make-up done
© Tim Barber
A quote from Theory's founder Andrew Rosen on breaking the rules
A model being taken in photo after the fashion show
A model on a set of a shooting on a balcony

Milk Made is now followed by 1,193,473 people, generates 1,199,797 weekly impressions, and covers events from across the globe.

Min Lew, Partner
A model getting her make-up done while being taken in photo
© Tim Barber

I was attracted to MADE not only for its unconventionality but also for its innovative business model – built around supporting emerging talent.

— Eric Schmidt, former CEO, Google

A quote from co-founder Mazdack Rassi on the influence of Milk Studios
A model pausing in front of the camera in the fitting room