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A collage with a photo of a woman wearing a fur coat and sunglasses, and another showing a set of clothing accessories branded by Milk

Milk: the creation of an iconic anti-brand

MILK. The fashion empire that began in 1998 as a high-end photography studio has since evolved into a content-based creative company. Headquartered in New York City’s Meatpacking District with an outpost in Los Angeles, MILK empowers the industry’s most visionary talent and innovative brands. Over the past two decades in working with MILK, we have constantly highlighted their core values of creativity, community, hospitality, and downtown cool – without ever mentioning “space for rent”.

Co-founder of Milk Studios Mazdack Rassi on a chair in his office
© Winnie Au
A quote from co-founder of Milk Mazdack Rassi on the hospitality of Milk
The new logo designed for Milk Studios

Our overarching objective from day one was to create an incredibly iconic identity with a logo that functioned more as a symbol than as a word. In early applications, we always used the translucent logo: a reference to light and photography.

Geoff Cook, Partner
A copywriting on the different areas Milk operates
View of the Milk shop from the street
A model sitting in her chair in the fitting room
Two models whose bodies are rooted in a sand sculpture
A man with a bandana driving an old car

The MILK ad campaigns were always about the creative content that was produced there, never the space or services.

Min Lew, Partner
Illustration of characters representing the Milk family in front of the logo
A quote saying "Milk is a family" in a bold font on a white background
A window of an equipment rental workshop branded with the Milk logo
Application of the logo designed for Milk on a black car

For the locations, our goal was to appeal to the location teams, a community with a very different vibe than the refined world of fashion. Here, we heavily referenced street, tattoos, and heavy metal.

Geoff Cook, Partner
A visual for Milk Digital using key elements of Photoshop's workspace
© Ben Toms

The visual identity for MILK DGTL, a platform for film and print production, plays with codes from the world of fashion and the tech startup industry.

Arno Baudin, Design Director
A quote from co-founder of Milk Mazdack Rassi on what is Milk: "a full service, creative beehive"
A model pausing in front of a wall with artworks hanging
People chatting during the event to celebrate the launch of the book designed for Milk
Animation of the Gallery logo on a white background

Anyone who knows MILK’s Gallery, with its row of iconic, pivoting glass doors, will quickly understand this logo.

Arno Baudin, Design Director
A copywriting on what is Milk as a platform that supports creative emerging talent
A crowd during the opening of the Milk Gallery
Animation of Legs Studios' modular logo

For LEGS, a multimedia content team, we developed a modular logo as creative as the studio itself.

Min Lew, Partner
A copywriting on what is Milk as an online editorial platform
Animation of the "Milk Made" logo with a glitch effect

Fashion, music, photography and art are always evolving. Milk Made’s imperfect, ever-changing logo embodies this.

Min Lew, Partner
A quote from co-founder Mazdack Rassi on what Milk Studios has become: a content-based creative company surrounded by a community
A model sticking out her tongue during the fashion show of designer Jeremy Scott
Miley Cyrus and Jeremy Scott walking side to side during the closing of the fashion show