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Exterior of the Moma Design Store

Shop MoMA. Shop the unshoppable.

Ten years after we handled the branding of the MoMA Design Store in Soho, the Museum of Modern Art's retail division called on us to communicate the evolution of their shops. They challenged us with developing an entire strategy for their "communications ecosystem”. In other words, we were to redefine how to speak to the consumer across digital, print, and physical channels. Our big idea was to leverage that which no other store could claim, the museum itself, and the idea of "shopping the unshoppable" works of priceless art. By aligning the stores closely with the museum, we brought to light many of the stories behind the objects.

Packaging "U.S. Chair Force" designed for the Moma store

"Shop the unshoppable" means more stories, more knowledge, more impact & surprise, more ideas, and more smiles.

Min Lew, Partner
A collage of two posters promoting the chairs of the Moma Store

Sometimes we achieved this through highlighting historical facts, designers, or technology, celebrating the concept of the objects, articulating the relevance of the object. And other times, by identifying connections with the museum itself.

Arno Baudin, Design Director
A poster promoting the famous lamp of the Moma shop

When we are figuring out messaging, we always go back to our strategic pillars of the brand and use them as "filters". In the case of the MoMA Store, these were "authority/expert", "forward thinking", "new/relevant", "exclusivity".

Min Lew, Partner
A collage promoting different original products sold at the Moma store

Thoughtful yet inquisitive in content. Dynamic, vital, and witty in tone of voice. This is what we did to build the personality of MoMA Design Store.

Arno Baudin, Design Director
Simulation of the Moma Store's posts on Twitter
A poster promoting the different categories of products of the Moma Store

We also proposed segmentation, engagement through targeted interest.

Inva Çota, Design Director
Set of posters promoting discounts on products in the Moma Store

Who says promotions can't be fun?

Arno Baudin, Design Director
Different visuals designed to promote The Mind Benders on the Moma store
A set of catalogues designed for the Moma store

The new look for the communications ecosystem launched with the catalog. This language carried over to all digital platforms as well as the stores.

Inva Çota, Design Director
A range of opened catalogue designed for the Moma store
A red t-shirt quoting "Gauguin to go" designed for the Moma store
A tagline for the Moma store branding on selling useful products
Inside of the Moma Store