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Turning exhibition visitors into actors

Struck by a national lockdown, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Luxembourg (Mudam) tasked Base with creating an online visitor experience for their ambitious group exhibition called Me, Family. In doing so, we redefined the very notion of the online exhibition. By pushing what is technologically possible, we developed a highly interactive concept that is tied to the curators' vision, while placing the art at the center of the experience.

As Me, Family is a show about humanity today, we took this quite literally. We bring in humans from all over the world in a way that feels very... today: visitors can enter the exhibition only if they turn on their webcams. They then customize their video stream with a social media-like AR filter. Once face-to-face with the art, they are able to interact in real-time with everyone that is similarly online.

The result is a never before seen, cutting-edge and engaging exhibition that turns visitors into participants, rendering everyone an essential part of the experience. The results have been astonishing, with visitors debating art, conducting online dates, and even arranging stand-up meetings for their teams all within the virtual environment. The metrics around the exhibition are equally telling. Me, Family has already reached thousands of visitors from over 95 countries, a first for Mudam. Read the full story or Visit Me, Family.