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Capturing the mindset of a community of creative entrepreneurs

Neuehouse, the world’s first private work space collective, was conceived as a place to create, collaborate, socialize, and decompress. We have worked with Neuehouse since its inception to frame its mission, and reflect these core ideas within its visual identity.

At the outset, we focused on presenting Neuehouse as a state of mind, and communicating their ideas and values to the world instead of describing their product.

Min Lew, Partner

It was important for us that every application have an idea. That it wasn’t about consistently deploying a logo across all applications. Rather, the design enhancing the experience for the members and visitors.

Arno Baudin, Design Director

We aim to make people smile, and certainly the creatives of the Neuehouse community. We carefully considered every element and asked how we could make each better so as to surprise and delight the members. The magnetic signage system was one execution we were very proud of.

It’s true that we created a visual system, a recognizable grid, and iconic monogram. But with Neuehouse, since the members are paramount, what we really did was to create a personality to frame the content that is generated within its walls.

Arno Baudin, Design Director

It is important for organizations that generate a lot of material to have a flexible, visually iconic system that is easy for anyone to use. We created templates for the Neuehouse design team using colorful, iconic margins, that translate well to both print and digital.

The initial website was always meant to be a bit cryptic; to create mystique. We utilized tiling to capture the multifaceted nature of Neuehouse.

Neuehouse is now expanding across several continents. We ourselves are members and regular attendees of their speaking events.

Geoff Cook, Partner