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Orchestre de la Suisse Romande - when the public becomes the content

Founded in 1918, the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande is composed of 112 permanent musicians. Mostly active in Geneva and Lausanne, it has built an international reputation for its historic recordings and interpretations of 20th century French & Russian repertoires. They came to us for a complete rebranding, in which we transformed the public into the content - showcasing the multiple communities, generations and styles that meet at the theater.

One of the main challenges for OSR was to visually express what an experience at the Orchestra is truly like, without making use of the generic photographic clichés. Where one would usually concentrate the visual language around the orchestra itself, we decided to create a sense community instead - using the public as our core content.

In tight collaboration with photographer Regis Golay, we worked on developing a visual and graphic system that was all about telling stories, capturing the emotional moments of the spectator, showing the audience’s diversity - all about the good times!

Using bright colors, dynamic typography and hints of humor through the art direction, we underlined the ‘entertainment’ aspect of the organization, which allowed them to step away from the classic, 'bourgeois' image Orchestra’s are often associated to.

To further emphasize the modernity of OSR, we adopted a multi-media approach producing video content and a wide range of images that could be used all over their social platforms.