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From pop to opera: The prestigious Ruhrtriennale

From 2015 onwards, the prestigious Ruhrtriennale festival falls under the artistic guidance of Dutch director Johan Simons. The theme for his three year cycle will be “Seid umschlungen” (be embraced). We were chosen to communicate the social, political, and geographic currents of this to the festival audience and surrounding community.

Following Johan Simons’ motto, we wanted our approach to focus on bringing the region together as well as activating the participation of the viewer.

We tried to find a way of communicating that could grab the attention of a wide range of people, without ‘dumbing it down’.

Sander Vermeulen, Design Director
© Marcus Simaitis
© Stephan Glagla

So the campaign of the triennale is built around the idea of the sum: … + … = …

A simple game of associations, meant to be an open dialogue with its viewers.

We opted for an iconic, eye-catching typeface. Something that would be recognizable in any context.

Sander Vermeulen, Design Director

The posters are not just something you merely look at; they are meant an open dialogue, inviting the viewer to read or interpret them as they wish.

The home page of the Ruhrtriennale’s website uses two visual codes to distinguish the two different types of content. A simple rule differentiates news from events: the former is text-driven and vertical whereas the latter focuses on inspiring photography with practical information.

Steve Piron, Web Developer

The festival’s programme is presented as a map, in both print and digital. Visitors are invited to help enrich the map, by adding their personal recommendations and tips about what to see or do.

Thierry Brunfaut, Creative Director & Partner

Visiting the region and the venues was amazing; it really left an impression. And it was great to see people embrace the visual identity.

© Edi Szekely

We are thrilled to start a 3-year adventure with this amazing team, led by the inspiring Johan Simons. The collaborative process was and still is a big success, all driven by different creative workshops.