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Hallway of Spin Club with different artworks

Reimagining worldwide ping pong culture

SPiN is the renowned table tennis club in NYC that celebrates the power of play to transcend age, gender, and boundaries. In order to create a concept that could be rolled out, we developed a unique brand strategy and positioning by first helping to contextualize ping pong culture itself. Equal parts Downtown NYC and entertainment venue, SPiN is where everyone is invited to have fun and be entertained by the unfolding drama of the game and the human interactions all over the world.

Quote with the motto of the brand Spin
A blond girl playing ping-pong at Spin

Our ultimate goal, as idealistic as it may sound, is to have SPiN increase social interaction and bring good to the world.

Min Lew, Partner
Simulation in 3D of the lounge of Spin

We had the pleasure of collaborating with Meshberg Group on the architectural design of the space. They did a fantastic job of bringing our concept to life in 3D.

Jake Post, Director of Operations
Simulation of the reception of Spin in 3D
Set of posters designed for the Spin on different sports activities
Quote for Spin Branding saying "It's Racket Science"
Series of posters designed for Spin in the streets
Homepage of the website developed for Spin displayed on a tablet

What better way to show the fun of the SPiN brand than to incorporate a digital ping pong game into the homepage of the website?

Animation of the logo designed for Spin