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An identity made of words, stacked like a tasty burger

Stand was one of the finest NYC burger restaurants of its time. The menu, conceived of by an Alain Ducasse disciple, took burgers to new heights before the Great Recession took its toll and forced the restaurant to shutter its doors. We hope however our identity, winner of several prominent awards, will endure. Constructed almost entire of copy, the Stand identity was meant to entertain and delight customers at every turn.

This is what a successful collaboration between writer and designer looks like! Our former writer, Tom Greenwood led the Stand project. The extended logo lock-up, constructed entirely of words, set the tone for the entire brand.

Min Lew, Partner

Every element was considered. The matchbooks were the coup de grace. NYU students used to frequent Stand, so on the back of the matchbooks, we allowed space for them to write basic pick-up information, "I met xxx", "Number xxx". They were a hit.

Geoff Cook, Partner