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Reclaiming Starrett Lehigh’s creative legacy

Long before any coworking space or member's club, New York City's creative class called Starrett Lehigh home. Artists, photographers, and designers set up their studios there. Entrepreneurs, writers, and publishers set up their offices. Many generations have since past, but Starrett remains a landmark of the city’s skyline and creative spirit.

Tasked with developing a campaign to make Starrett stand out amidst New York City’s ever-crowded real estate market, we partnered with Todd Selby, the acclaimed illustrator and Starrett resident, to celebrate the creativity that has long existed, and today thrives, within those warehouse walls.

Starrett is home to many people across multiple industries. We designed the lockup as a home for Todd's myriad of illustrations.

Gabriela Carnabuci, Designer

Starrett’s creative heritage runs deep. Built as a freight terminal atop the Lehigh Valley Railroad, it was showcased at The Museum of Modern Art’s watershed 1932, "Modern Architecture: International Exhibition”.

Jeffrey Waldman, Senior Designer

To celebrate creativity, it was only right to get creative ourselves. We challenged Starrett to think outside of the box – to rethink traditional real estate advertising. By the end, we forgot a box ever existed, even trading a brochure for a coloring book.

Min Lew, Partner

Rethinking the traditional codes of real estate paid off: our campaign outperformed the industry average by 70%.

Geoff Cook, Partner