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Trevor Noah during an interview with The New York Times
© Carasco Photography

Bringing journalistic discourse to college campuses

Get With The Times brings The New York Times’ journalists and today’s most important thinkers to universities, creating conversation about the vital issues that face the world today. Base was tasked with designing a graphic system that reflects the urgency of these topics while speaking to contemporary student discourse.

Banner with the tagline "Get with the times" for the branding of The New York Times

Showcasing the conversations around the pressing issues of the day was the main priority for the identity – we created flexible layouts to maintain impact as mediums and content changed.

Different sizes of the visual for the communication of the New York Times' event with Trevor Noah

Dialogue forms the basis for discourse. In these worrying times for modern America, embracing this dialogue is an important force for change.

Poster design for the New York Times' event with Trevor Noah
Application of the posters of the event with Trevor Noah in a waiting room
Prototype for instagram posts on the event with Trevor Noah

The New York Times’ John Eligon and Trevor Noah discuss race and identity with the students of Northwestern University, live-streaming their conversation to college watch parties across the country.

An audience listening at a conference at a New York Times Conference
© Carasco Photography
Application of the visual for the communication of the event on mobile
A girl sitting at a conference reading the brochure of the program
© Carasco Photography
A woman speaking at a conference organised by the New York Times
A man wearing a t-shirt branded for the New York Times' conferences