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Know what's now. Know what's next.

Since 1851, The New York Times has run "all the news that's fit to print”. TimesTalks brings that distinguished journalism from the page to the stage, through live conversations with visionary voices in film, art, theatre, music, technology, fashion, politics, and business.

We worked with the Times to design a visual system that cements its leadership in live journalism, captivates a diverse audience, and reflects the unique cultural relevance of every discussion.

What do Al Gore, Ai WeiWei, Greta Gerwig, and Grace Jones have in common? They've all, well, graced the TimesTalks stage. By creating a content-driven strategy – leading with speakers, ideas, and topics – we developed a system that can respond to each guest and feel fresh for each of the sixty yearly events.

Min Lew, Partner

212 color combinations. 24 cuts of Franklin & Cheltenham. This palette enables a flexible range of expression within a cohesive system: from serious to playful, bold to serene. The left-right arrangement of text nods to the dynamic dialogue that TimesTalks is all about.

A bespoke digital tool allows NYTimes’ design team to easily implement the graphic language, explore the entire range of color and type, and maintain consistency from event to event. Beats a static graphic guideline.

Mirek Nisenbaum, Partner

Our visual system comes alive on the web, where visitors are able to watch live talks or browse an extensive archive of past discussions.

Mirek Nisenbaum, Partner