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Virisens - Giving your skin a cannabis prescription

Bringing together the best of nature and biotech, Virisens is the newest Swiss skincare brand combining the purest form of cannabis molecules with the latest generation of safe cosmetic ingredients. Appealing to a niche market of skincare connoisseurs with an affinity for cutting-edge cosmetology, Virisens was created with highly potent anti-aging ingredients while remaining vegan and cruelty-free. We worked on the entire brand identity and joined forces with advertising agency Miind for a 360° approach.

We developed a visual identity that is minimal but not clinical - designed to strike a balance between its science-based, Swiss origins and the celebration of what is undoubtedly one of the hottest ingredients in the beauty industry today.

The different packaging formats, designed with function in mind, aim to quickly inform the customer on key ingredients, benefits and use.

With the sensorial properties of skincare formulations being a key to success in the market, we made sure that the visual communications - both on and offline - included close-up photographs of the product textures for reference.

Tying the elements of the identity together is the rigorous use of typographic elements, giving the brand that "Swiss precision" feeling that helps them step away from the cliché CBD product aesthetics.