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A facelift for France's pioneer natural skincare brand

A pioneer in the natural and clean skincare segment, French brand Caudalie was established in the wine region of Bordeaux in 1995, where founder Mathilde and Bertrand Thomas created the very first vino-therapy beauty products. Half a century later, Caudalie has decided to strengthen and clarify their brand to expand their cult following in one of the fastest growing industries. Our ongoing collaboration will help the revolutionary skincare company rebrand by starting with the first physical object the consumer interacts with: the packaging.

When opening the packaging, an extra layer of story-telling is revealed - the photograph of the Caudalie vineyard is a reminder of both the brand's history and the the product's source.

With this in mind, Caudalie’s new packaging is a reflection of their new formulation, and was designed to be the brands best ambassador - straight-forward, visually striking, ecological and transparent.

A gradual rebranding of both packaging and product allows Caudalie to transition to their new look and feel.

The brand refresh remains true to Caudalie’s original image, but is elevated with a more minimal aesthetic through discrete transformations to their typography, iconography, logo and product color range.

Custom typeface

Benefiting from the visual nature of social media and its ability to educate, the skincare market has seen its consumers become more demanding of creative visual content and cleaner, better products - leading brands to re-think their packaging, boxes, messaging and photography.

The launch of their rebranded Resveratrol Lift line was a great success, especially on social media. Base is looking forward to being part of Caudalie’s transformation and growth in the coming years. Stay tuned for more of the collections!

Base drastically modernized the image of our brand while enhancing its core values. Base nailed the new Caudalie. Mathilde Thomas, Founder of Caudalie