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Listen: Thierry Brunfaut on Building Strong Teams

Thierry Brunfaut, BaseBRU creative director and founding partner, was a recent guest on the LeanCast podcast—joining interviewer Behrad Mirafshar from Berlin’s Bonanza Design for an hour-long conversation about building strong teams.

In the episode, Thierry shares his insights on the importance of personal transformation in driving business success. He discusses his strategies for fostering a sense of identity and belonging within a team, and the impact of creating a harmonious workplace culture, as well as designing for cultural diversity and the benefits of transforming how we interact with each other in the workplace through the implementation of rituals. Thierry also talks about his experience valuing the voices of all team members, including partners and interns, and how it helped the company over the years. “A must-listen for any business leader interested in people management and behavior,” according to Mirafshar.

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